NBA Futures

In gambling, “futures” refer to bets that you make weeks/months/years in advance. So if you want to bet on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals right now 6 months ahead of time, you can do that. But obviously there is some risk involved as well. You can’t predict injuries, and you certainly can’t really predict potential trades either. In regards to NBA futures, what you want to look for are teams that are being undervalued in comparison to similar teams, and also have to be realistic championship contenders when it is all said and done, duh! Right now at this moment in time, if you gave me 100$ to bet on any NBA team to win the title based at the current odds via Bovada, I would probably put that money down on the Miami Heat.

As you can see on the highlighted selection, the Heat are currently +3500 to win the NBA Finals, which would win you $3,500 if you were to bet $100 on them. So why the Heat? What have I seen from them so far that would make me place $100 on their future? I think what it really comes down to for me is they have quality depth at each position, and have been playing well without having their full lineup for much of the season. This team has one of the best benches in the NBA so there really isn’t much drop off from the starters. Jimmy Butler is clearly the alpha there, and he seems to fit that culture perfectly. The Heat to me just play good team basketball, are unselfish, and compete on the defensive end. Similar to the Raptors last year, the Heat have a legitimate shot in my opinion to be the Eastern Conference representatives in this year’s NBA Finals, and can give whoever they face out west a major run for their money. Only time will tell. But I like the direction the Heat are headed.

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